Trust, our Promise of Quality and Innovation are the cornerstones of our leadership philosophy.

Trust in our Employees

A team of experts: top qualified, profound knowledge also beyond the orginal area of expertise. We offer a work environment that encourages our employee to improve oneself. An environment that is demanding but puts an emphasis on mutual activities.

Trust of our customers

You can only earn customers’ trust if you continously understand your customers requirements and deliver real value add against it, We are fortunate that most of our customers work with us for the long run.

Our Promise of Quality

For e3 quality is an ongoing process that impacts all business areas: how can our employees improve, how can we gain knowledge, how can we embrace change. How can we solve our customers’ challenges better, how can we build better products. It is essential for this principal of continous improvement that we keep our knowledge, processes, methods and tools always up to date.


Innovation is our DNA. We believe that we can only stay relevant for our customers if we constantly pursuit the search for new approaches and solutions – and find them.


Leadership Team

e3 AG Switzerland

Thomas Fürling, CEO, tfuerling(at)e3ag.ch

Patrik Maag, CFO, pmaag(at)e3ag.ch

Crispin Tschirky, CTO, ctschirky(at)e3ag.ch

Stephan Stihl, Head of Legal & Compliance, sstihl(at)e3ag.ch

Markus Moll, Head of Solutions & Products, mmoll(at)e3ag.ch

Alexander Faber, Head of Consulting, afaber(at)e3ag.ch



e3 CSS AG – building Centraya

Michael Hoos, CEO, mh(at)e3.eu



e3 AG Germany

Franz Meier, CEO, fmeier(at)e3ag.de