More and more companies are leveraging the advantages of cloud applicatons. Today Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Administration and many more applications can be consumed from the cloud: simple, efficient and cost effective. But who ensures that my data stored in the cloud are really safe and secure? Is trusting the cloud application vendor my only option?

e3 has invented and developed centraya. The Cloud Security Solution encrypts information before they are stored in the cloud. Based on your security needs and requirements.

Data privacy for the Cloud made in Switzerland

This central gateway security solution runs on premise under full control of the customer.  For example: an employee creates a new account entry in your cloud CRM solution (ie SugarCRM or Centraya identifies the content, encrypts it and stores it encrypted in the cloud. Customer’s can define what should be protected: personal identifiable data, all data, etc.

If the employee wants to access the data again: the central security gateway detects the request, decrypts the content and presents them in plain text to the user. All of that is done automatically with no user interaction.

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Cloud Security Solution

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