This is an everyday topic in the news: another bank, insurance or other company has lost itss customer data. In order to prevent intentional or accidental data loss you need to have a clear strategy, defined processes and the right set of tools.

Since 2008 e3 is partnering with Symantec to deliver Data Loss Prevention solutions. Symantec’s market leading product is the core of our solutions. During the last years we have created 18 additional and complimentary products for Symantec DLP. The e3 products enable you to run the Data Loss Prevention solution highly automated and efficient and fully integrated into you busines processes. Also we have added additional functionality such as DLP for Exchange. Here are some examples:

  • Incident & Case Management – efficiently manage thousands of Incidents
  • DLP Mailhandler for Exchange – prevent data loss inside Exchange (Cross-Border, Cross-Country)
  • DLP now! – integrate DLP in your business processes

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