T-GRID Coreframework is our own application development platform. The Coreframework enables us to develop industry independent solutions quickly, efficient and secure.

Based on the T-GRID Coreframework are our Cloud Security Solution and the Data Loss Prevention Products but also three automation solutions:


Automated Quality: The T-GRID AQ Test Suite by e3 consistently and fully automatically guarantees the system, application and interface quality assurance. End-to-end testing of IT supported processes and activities in complex environments in medium and large sized companies is automatically carried out employing highest precision.

T-GRID AQ is ideally suited for infrastructure testing and low-level objects due to its agent-based approach.

T-GRID AQ Automated Quality EN.pdf • 946 kB


Integrated Automation: T-GRID IA is employed for structuring, standardising and automating your operative routine tasks. Manpower requirements and costs are significantly reduced. You profit from significantly shorter down times and times to repair at the same time. Configure complex activities from a central location via the well-arranged GUI on different operating systems and in different environments.

T-GRID IA reliably controls infrastructures and low-level applications.

T-GRID IA Integrated Automation EN.pdf • 1,013 kB


Managed Information: T-GRID MI activates passive information. Data slumbering in static documents are past. T-GRID MI activates this information. They can be associated to activities in reference to context, integrated into the life cycle or linked directly. Data thus remains up to date longer while redundant, inconsistent data management is effectively impeded.

T-GRID MI is employed to structure, centrally manage and embed data and information into the activity environment.

T-GRID MI Managed Information EN.pdf • 789 kB


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